10 Jan

From Anna Johnson, Editor of Success Accelerator…


“Is This Your Friend Or Enemy?”

It waits for no-one. 

You can’t stop it.

And, contrary to popular opinion, you can’t actually manage it (you can only manage what you do during it).

It’s TIME!

So… how do you feel about time?   

Do you feel that it’s moving too fast… leaving you struggling to keep up with, let alone appreciate, your life and the lives of others?

Or that it’s moving too slow… like you just want to jump from now to Sometime in the future when everything will be just right.

Chances are you’ve felt, and may continue to feel, both ways about time, depending on the circumstances.

Of course, I generally find that younger people want time to speed up – like my 4 year old who can’t wait to go to school – and older people want time to slow down – like me, who wants my kids to stay little and cute forever!

However, I’ve got to shake myself out of this feeling, because the fact is… time marches on and we can choose to feel bad, indifferent or good about it.

We can regard it as the enemy… which leaves us feeling bad because it’s an enemy we just can’t defeat…

We can try to ignore it, and focus on other things in our lives.

Or we can see it as our friend, so that every time we think about time (as we inevitably do) we feel GOOD.

Because we do tend to think about time (there are subtle and not-so-subtle reminders everywhere), then, for the sake of our happiness, it follows that we should try to feel good about it.

How do we do this? Well, whenever we think about the past, present or future, we do so in a way that makes us feel good:

1. When we think of the past, we focus on things that bring a smile to our faces. Achievements we’re proud of, events we enjoyed, people we enjoyed being with… even embarrassing moments that make us laugh now. Whatever makes us feel happy. (Alternatively, we could think of stuff we hated, and then be grateful that we don’t have to go through that again!)

2. When we’re in the present, we try to BE in the present. To enjoy and appreciate what we have RIGHT NOW. From the “big” things, like the wonderful people in our lives, to the littlest things, like the song playing on our CD or MP3 player.

3. When we think about the future, we think about the GREAT things we expect it to bring. We visualize having everything we want, being happy, and having everyone around us be happy.

And don’t worry about being accurate or “realistic” – that’s not the aim… the aim is to simply feel good whenever we think about time… to develop a positive association with it.

So it becomes our friend… not our enemy or barely welcome house guest.

So when we’re reminded of it… we feel happy.

Try it!


This is so true.  I still have to try and be a master at this.  I am also guilty of rushing through.  I have kids and that in itself should be a motivation to befriend TIME. 

My hope is that all of us learn to appreciate what we have, where we are and the people around us everyday.  That we may always have the attitude of gratitude in all aspects of our lives.  Have a grand day!

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