“But what will people think?” by Anna Johnson

17 Jan

Do you sometimes find yourself wanting to do something – or even be someone – and feel totally “right” about it, only to have
this little, insidious doubt creep into your mind:

“But what will people think?”

Assuming that what you want to do is legal, moral, ethical and unlikely to harm anyone… I’m here to say:

“Forget what other people think!”

All too often we hold ourselves back from achieving and being all that we can be because we consciously or sub-consciously worry that others won’t approve.  

Granted, we’re approval seeking creatures – let’s face it, we want people to admire our new house or think our kids are cute – but sometimes you’ve got to ask yourself:

1. Am I seeking approval from the right people – from people who really have my best interests at heart?

2. Will I ever get their approval for anything I do? Or is it never really going to be good enough?

3. Are they qualified to judge me? Do they really know more than I about what I should do (or be) and whether or not it’s right for me?

4. Do I really know whether or not they will approve… or am I making an assumption that may not be true?

5. Is it better to seek forgiveness than ask for permission?

There are probably other questions you could ask yourself too – but the point is: living your life to please others helps no-one.

Putting your own life on hold while you satisfy others is unlikely to bring you much joy… and chances are you won’t really know or be capable of fully satisfying those around you either.

It’s not easy to forge ahead when other people don’t understand or support you… but when the end draws near, wouldn’t you rather look back and say “I’m glad I…” rather than “what if?”

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