Simple Pleasures

09 Feb

I adore simple pleasures. They are the last refuge of the complex. Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray, 1891, Irish dramatist, novelist, & poet (1854 – 1900)>

In the past few years, we have been bombarded with too much complexities – Computers, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii, PSP2 and Nintendo DS, Gameboy, Dancing Barbie Dolls, MP3 Players, Cellular phones, Palm Pilots and whatever have you.  Sometimes, I think, we have become slaves of all these gadgets that we freeze just at the thought of not having them with us at any given time.  I have seen people with 3,4 even 5 gadget belt-carriers.  People are constantly text-ing, sending emails, or young kids playing video games.  Whatever happened to the simple things in life?     

  • Two weeks ago, my son took a small box from our local warehouse store and used it as a car.  He wouldn’t even let anyone touch it. 
  • My husband taught the kids how to make a star, and a double star using rubber bands.  You should see how valuable they think rubber bands are.  They even keep them in their “special” drawers.
  • My son asked me if we could buy him legos.
  • My daughter was playing with her PollyPocket dollies, using a bowl as an improvised swimming pool.  She didn’t play with the playsets.
  • Marbles to them, are like gems. 
  • My son can play with 2 of his Hot Wheels cars literally for hours.
  • My daughter brings sheets of paper and a pencil with her all the time.

What makes me wonder is, how are my kids amazed at these very simple and ordinary things when they have more than enough other toys?  They are not like the kids in school who have everything.  Gifts from friends and family are usually enough but we do buy them things that we believe will benefit them.  Are  my kids any different from other kids?  No.  They are just exposed to the simple stuff.  We try to limit their computer/game time to a minimum so they can play with the classic mind developing games like chess, checkers, building blocks, and crafts.  They are loving it. 

Yes, I do believe that simple pleasures make us happy.  It’s an oasis amidst the chaos and complexity this world has brought us in.  I am inspired by the simplicity in my kids’ eyes.  I hope to learn more from them, while we teach and guide them to become the persons that they are meant to be.


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2 responses to “Simple Pleasures

  1. naisioxerloro

    November 28, 2007 at 11:44 am

    Good design, who make it?

  2. Angie

    November 28, 2007 at 8:25 pm

    I remember my daughter and my grandchildren now that I think about it being very content with pots and pans, sacks, anything that would fuel their imagination..Yes, it is good to limit some of the technology for their creativity and mind developing as you say. Good job Crysta.


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