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Creating Memories

From Luci Swindoll:Set Aside time to sing, tell stories, entertain each other… and laugh a lot.  Create memories for yourself and your loved ones.  You can have fun anywhere!

How do you create memories?  I think memories are created from habits, special events and feelings. 

I remember eating dinner with my family together, starting and ending it with prayer.  I remember going to mass together and going to my grandmother’s house on Sundays.  I remember me and my sister going to the mall.  I remember my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary celebration.  I remember feeling nervous on my first day at work.  I remember my excitement when I was about to get married to my husband.  I remember that weird feeling when I saw my daughter and my son for the first time. 

On a project in school, my daughter made a picture of her and my husband washing the dishes.  My son, on the other hand drew himself and my husband mowing the lawn and playing ball. 

Let us strive to create memories everyday.  I believe it’s the little things that make us smile when we look back at our life and experiences.  At the end of the day, it’s the only one that we have got.

How do you create memories?


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