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Good Things Come to Those Who Ask

Asking for what you need is probably the most underutilized tool for people. And yet, amazing requests have been granted to people simply because they’ve asked for it!

Whether its money, information, support, assistance, or time, most people are afraid to ask for what they need in order to make their dreams come true.

They might be afraid of looking needy, ignorant, helpless, or even greedy. More than likely, though, it is the fear of rejection that is holding them back. Even though they are afraid to hear the word no, they’re already saying it to themselves by not asking!

Do you ask for what you want? Are you afraid of rejection?     Read the rest of this entry »


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How a Broken Shoelace Could Change Your Life

Taken from Anna Johnson’s Success Accelerator Newsletter:The other day, one of my shoelaces in my running shoes broke in half. I immediately thought I would need to buy another shoelace. But then, as I looked at my running shoes, I realized that perhaps the broken shoelace was symptomatic of a bigger problem: worn out running shoes.

It was true.

I had run these shoes into the ground – literally! Sure, I could continue running in them… but they wouldn’t give me the support I needed… which meant that it was probably a matter of time before I got injured.

As I considered whether to replace the lace or the shoe, it occurred to me that we are often faced with this kind of situation in life.     Read the rest of this entry »


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How’s Your Life Shock Absorbers?

“Laughter is to life what shock absorbers are to automobiles.  It won’t take the potholes out of the road, but it sure makes the ride smoother.”       — Barbara Johnson —

Are your life shock absorbers in good condition? 

To enjoy life is to have a balance between “Enjoying the blessings” and “Adventuring through difficulties”. 

If we find ourselves drowning in our problems,  maybe it’s because we stopped swimming.   I don’t know how to swim but I know for a fact that we need to continue swimming if we want to get to our destination.  In the process, why not enjoy the water as well?  Before you know it, you’ll be there sooner than later.

I think being able to smile and laugh amidst trials is a great gift.  Be mindful that it can also be acquired.  It is a matter of shifting our outlook in life knowing that hardships will never cease but we can still enjoy our blessings.  In fact, if we really take a closer look at things, we might be surprised how much our blessings outnumber our problems.

So how’s your life shock absorbers?

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