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Live a Simple Life

Try to lead a simple life today… and everyday.

As Mr. Eknath Easwaran says…

To lead a simple life in reasonable comfort, with a minimum of possessions, ranks high among the arts of living.  It leaves us the time, resources and freedom of mind we need for the things that give life value:  Loving, Helping, Serving and Giving.


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Little, Teeny, Tiny Tips

I have been so busy with so many things lately that I have found that writing or even visiting my own blog is another task that I do not necessarily look forward to at the end of the day.  So here’s my solution… I will try (emphasis on the word TRY) to write small, simple tips on everyday life.  That sounds less intimidating because I don’t really need a lot of time to do it and yet, I can be consistent at doing it.

Sooooo, even if I am busy, busy, busy…. even if I don’t feel like posting anything here… even if I don’t want to see another computer monitor when I get home from work… at the end of the day, I should be able to say… BIDIA.  But I Did It Anyway.  What a powerful phrase.

 Here’s the first:

Write a note of appreciation, gratitude or support for someone who deserves it.  Even people in a high place need to know that they’re doing a good job.  Write to them, send an email — you’ll be encouraging them to keep on keeping on.


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