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Making Memories…

You know, my husband and I try to create memories for our family.  Being far away from home makes it more difficult because we become the only source – no grandmas, no aunts, uncles and cousins to share it with. 

Luci Swindoll said, “It is impossible to quantify a memory by the amount of planning or money spent to make it.  Wonderful memories are made when the spirit is right”

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Take Action!

This is in today’s article from Anna Johnson..


Want to know what super-successful people ALL have in common? They take ACTION. Moreover, they take action FAST.

Internet marketing expert, Eben Pagan, recently spoke about this at his “Get Altitude” event. He referred to a study of successful entrepreneurs which found that they all tended to make decisions and act much more quickly than others. When placed in any given situation – whether it’s an opportunity or threat – they quickly consider their options, weigh up the pros and cons, then – BAM! – take action.

Now, this doesn’t mean that they make reckless or wrong-headed decisions. Remember, I’m talking about people who have achieved business SUCCESS! However, I have a feeling that many of those who have squandered everything and ended up bankrupt have also tended to quickly make decisions and act fast!

The difference is that successful people make the RIGHT decisions and act accordingly in a GAME they are skilled in. They don’t skip over the analysis bit, they just do it more quickly. And they don’t make hasty decisions – they have the skill, knowledge and experience to know what to do in a given situation.

But the point is, they DON’T get stuck in “analysis paralysis” or wait for conditions to be “perfect”. Once they have the information they need, they reach a decision and ACT FAST.

This action orientation is something you can develop and improve through practice. And practising is as simple as making decisions and acting more quickly than you do now!

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Need an UPPER? How about Seven?



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