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A Lesson Learned

I find it amazing how easily we hold on to things that remind us of the important people in our lives. But just like that, those things can as easily be taken away from us. I am usually very good at judging what is essential but Hurricane Irene taught me that I have held on to too much. Most of them I kept on the intent of donating to Salvation Army or for sending back home.

One day – that’s all it took to force me to throw them all away. A big part of me is relieved that I have no choice but a part of me wished that I’ve done it a long time ago. I am glad I am able to let go of them without feeling bad. That tells me I am not attached to anything I kept.

In everything that happens to us… There is wisdom and I am very thankful that I have seen beyond the endless cleaning and probably weeks of disinfecting and maybe minor renovations. God is good!

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