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Daily Thoughts for Reflection:

Our duty as men and women, is to proceed as if limits to our ability did not exist.

This is taken from our very good friend, the fortune cookie.  I love this verse!  Often times we put limits to ourselves.  We decide in our minds what we can and what we cannot do without realizing that by so doing, we sabotage our own selves.  I was not aware of this until a friend of mine explained to me how our mind works.  We just don’t feel we are deserving of such greatness. 

Have you ever wondered how great people got to where they are?   They have seen and reached their potential by believing in themselves and understanding that they are worth all that.  It is a long process – sometimes tedious.  Every now and then, I still find myself too afraid to just go for it.  Then I would have to remind myself that great people feel the fear but do it anyway. 

May this day be a day of greatness, a day of accomplishments.  May we reach our fullest potential sooner rather than later.  And may by the grace of God, we take one step at a time to get to where we were meant to be in the first place.

I’ll gladly take the hot water God puts me in because… sometimes a good soaking brings out stuff I didn’t know I had in me, like courage, dignity and compassion.  ~ Barbara Johnson ~

Yup!  Just like gold is tested through fire.  We will never see our best potential without going through fire.  Let’s just hope we can keep ourselves cool during the process.

Thanks be to thee, my Joy & my Glory & my Hope & my God.  Thanks be to thee for thy gifts, but do thou preserve them in me, and the things thou hast given me will increase and be made perfect, and I shall be with thee;  because even that I exist is thy gift.   ~ St. Augustine of Hippo ~

May I always remember that ALL that I am is a gift – and that I shall never take that for granted.   The gift of ME that I have received, I give to the people around me as a gift.  May I be a blessing to others, everyday of my life.

Giggle potential is everywhere; we just need to slow down long enough to see it.     ~ Marilyn Meberg ~

I love this quote!  I have been busy, I mean really busy.  I thought things will be better after the kitchen remodel is done.  Nope!  We still do not have a dining room, the living room cannot be lived in, the den is more like a lion’s – I can go on and on.  And yet, this quote reminds me that I can still giggle amidst all the chaos.  Tonight, i will look at the mess in a different light.  Maybe that could get me to finish more.  I believe stress sometimes adds heaviness to the things we do daily anyway that it disables us to get to the other stuff.  It’s all a matter of mindset. 

Protect your enthusiasm from the negativity of others.  Avoid toxic people.  (If you run into one anyway, treat yourself to a double latte.)

~  Barbara Johnson  ~

I’ll take a double latte, please!     😉

I see God’s fingerprints in His handiwork:

a sunrise, a shooting star, a lilac bush, a newborn’s smile.

~ Patsy Clairmont ~

I need to be aware of God’s handiwork more consistently.  If I can truly see Him working in every little thing that’s going on in my life – then I will appreciate Him more and praise Him more than I have ever done before. 

Believe you deserve to be Happy.  Say,

“I open my arms wide to the very best God has for me today!”.

~ Barbara Johnson ~

Lord, You are my Father.  You desire nothing but the best for me.  As a parent, I know that you love providing for my needs and blessing me with some of my wants as long as it is not for my downfall.  You know my deepest prayers and I believe that as my Father, you will answer them in your perfect time.  I am ready, Lord.  I am ready to receive your Love, your blessings and your grace. 

Praise the Lord, O my soul.

I will praise the Lord all my life.

I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.

Psalm 146:1

May I always have the attitude of gratitude.  May I see your blessing in everything that I encounter each day.  Let every breath that I take be a note of praise so that my life may be a song of thanksgiving and prayer.


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