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2 Weddings, the Holidays and Boracay!!!

Yup!  We were busy.

2 Weddings, the Holidays and Boracay… all bundled into 4 weeks of enjoyment…  Our trip to the Philippines.

We have taken close to 4,000 pictures and that’ll explain why this post.  In other words, I am too lazy to upload the photos again so here I am writing this so I can share the links to the previously uploaded pictures.  I suggest you take your pick of which one to view now and then come back for the others.  Or, you can also view them all if you wish.  Enjoy!

Let me start with the wedding of our youngest sibling.  The wedding location?  Legazpi City in Bicol.  Wonderful city, gracious people and the amazing Mayon Volcano.  And then the wedding – This was the Divine Wedding of Tato and Stacy.

Then came the holidays… Christmas 2008 has been the best Christmas, so far.  Especially for the kids, it was the craziest too – much different from the “Christmas – Just the Four of Us” that they have been used to.  New Year’s Day was equally fun.

After the New Year’s Day celebrations, we had a few days to meet up and dine with our friends.  Then, the most awaited Boracay trip.  It’s a place that one has to see to truly appreciate it’s glory.  It’s a mix of the oh so soothing and relaxing ambience of the beach and the everyday chaos of suburban life.  There’s nothing like it.  Squeezing this side trip was a good decision.  Boracay!

The second wedding was in Manila.  Pope Pious and Baluarte de San Diego.  It was another exquisite ceremony followed by an intimate celebration under the biggest full moon of the year.  This was Randy and Thessa’s wedding.

There you have it!  All albums in one page.  I have more but then, this should be enough for now.  Have fun!!!

Oh… I know I’ve been away and missing in action but here’s hoping that 2009 will bring out the a much more active blogger in me.

Happy New Year!!!

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