Which one are you?

20 Aug

I am a quiet achiever.  For me, I find that it is more of a strength than a weakness.  i do see the fact that sometimes people can take advantage.  I am aware of that.  The key is to be very careful and very aware of what’s going on around you.  It won’t hurt to be a little paranoid, especially in the workplace.

Also, surround yourself with good friends.  I’ve been blessed with a bunch.  I will forever be grateful for that.

Another good article from Anna Johnson –

“Are you a Quiet Achiever… or Loud Conceiver?”

Are you more of a quiet achiever – someone who quietly gets the job done without fanfare… or a loud conceiver – someone who announces to all and sundry what you are planning to do, before you do it?

As you might imagine, the more introverted you are, the more likely you’ll be to quietly achieve, than to seek or attract attention. And the reverse is true if you are more extroverted

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with being either a quiet achiever or a loud conceiver either. They do, in fact, suit different kinds of people.

A quiet achiever is most definitely a “doer” – someone who just gets it done… most probably while everyone else is still talking!

Alternatively, a loud conceiver can make for a great leader and motivator – someone who can rally and excite the troops before they take on a big challenge.

The trick is to, as always, play to your strengths whilst neutralizing your weaknesses.

As a quiet achiever, you’re probably great at getting things done, often in “stealth” mode. The only problem with that is where you fail to sell yourself… and others take the credit. Or, even worse, you cop the blame when others talk about you behind your back!

So perhaps find a role where there is minimal need to sell yourself… align yourself with someone or several people who will vocally support and sell you… and/or try to sell yourself a bit more.

As a loud conceiver, your biggest challenge probably lies with actually delivering on all your promises. In this case, you may need to discipline yourself to focus on fewer projects than you think you can handle (realizing your tendency to over promise). You may even want to practice talking about your achievements AFTER you’ve achieved them, rather than when you’ve conceived them.

Either way, be reassured that it’s okay to be either a quiet achiever or a loud conceiver. Or even someone who’s both (if that’s possible)!

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