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Which one are you?

I am a quiet achiever.  For me, I find that it is more of a strength than a weakness.  i do see the fact that sometimes people can take advantage.  I am aware of that.  The key is to be very careful and very aware of what’s going on around you.  It won’t hurt to be a little paranoid, especially in the workplace.

Also, surround yourself with good friends.  I’ve been blessed with a bunch.  I will forever be grateful for that.

Another good article from Anna Johnson –

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Champion Personality

Have you ever felt drained, tired, stuck or just that you’ve had enough?  These 4 questions might move you to push a little harder.  Just a little bit is all you need to get out of that pit that you are in.  Read up and learn… it’s been a reminder for me.

Another wise article from Anna Johnson –

“Just When You’re About To Give Up… Do This…”

Whether it’s saving money… writing a novel… losing weight… getting fit… building a business… overcoming an addiction… or doing anything else worthwhile…

…chances are that at some point along the way it’s gonna get tough.

Your mind or body or both will be screaming for you to stop.

That it’s all too hard. That you just can’t continue. That you’ll never achieve your goal. That you should just quit right now.

And you know what? It’s what you do at that very moment that will separate you from the wannabes, also-rans, and, dare I say, losers.

You’ll keep on going. It’s gonna hurt. It’s gonna be tough. But you’ll press on regardless.

Why will you continue when everything and everyone (including part of YOU) will be telling you to quit? Because you’ll answer four simple questions:

1. Why are you doing this?
2. How will you feel when you reach your goal?
3. How will you feel if you give up?
4. Can you just go a little further?

Your answers should leave you in no doubt that you CAN and WILL push onward.

And by the way, when you’re in super pain, it’s Question 4 that might well be the clincher. If you can go just a little further… and then a little further… and then a little further… the end will be in sight before you know it.

Want to see people fighting onward through incredible pain when their bodies are urging them to stop?

Watch the Olympics. In particular, watch any middle or long distance swimming, cycling or running event. I GUARANTEE that every one of those athletes reaches a pain crescendo where their bodies want to do nothing but stop. But Olympic athletes don’t quit – they push harder. And that’s WHY they are Olympians.

By simply pushing on despite the odds… despite the pain… YOU too are a champion.


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